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ESD bags also known as anti static bags, ESD safe bags or static shielding bags are the primary method of packaging ICs, circuit boards and delicate electronic products against static electricity. General purpose ESD bags are most widely used. They are also known as Metal in shielding bags because the metal shield is buried between two plastic layers.
General purpose ESD Bags
General purpose ESD bags have buried metal shielding layer that offers superior durability at low cost. General purpose ESD bags are also known as anti static bags or Metal In shielding bags.
ESD Bags, RoHS compliant
ESD bags are RoHS compliant. These ESD bags are tested for lead and RoHS restricted materials and are compliant with European Union Directive 2002/95/EC also known as RoHS. ESD bags can be pre-printed with the Lead-Free and RoHS sign so that customers know the contents of the bags are in compliance.
ESD cushion pouch
ESD cushion Pouch
ESD cushion pouch provides maximum protection with a three layer Faraday cage construction. ESD pouch has outer layer of static shield and inner layer of static dissipative poly with a middle layer of static dissipative Cancel® cushion material.
ESD Labels
ESD labels provide the ESD symbol and warning message needed to complete the ESD protective package. ESD labels are used on ESD bags, ESD boxes and totes to ensure proper ESD warning. These ESD labels are tamper evident in monitoring whether a ESD package has been opened. Available in various sizes.
ESD Aisle Marking Tape
ESD aisle marking tape is primarily used in electronic manufacturing to establish ESD safe areas. ESD aisle marking tape can be applied on the floors, walls, tote boxes or bags. Lead free Aisle marking tape is used to designate lead free areas. Aisle marking tapes are 6mil thick and 54 feet long.
Desiccants are primarily used to keep your devices dry. They absorbs airborne moisture left inside the bags after vacuum sealing and captures moisture that manages to pass through the bag material.

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